Invitation Poster

Invitation Poster

Art Directors Club of Philadelphia Poster

This 17″ x 22″ poster went out to members and friends of the Art Directors’ Club of Philadelphia, inviting everyone to the Art of Beer event.  Turnout was tremendous.

Sample copy:

The Art of Beer

Can a logo featuring a fish skeleton with airplane wings and whirling turbo-props prompt people to buy Flying Fish Extra Pale Ale? Did the Victory Brewing Company christen one of its beers Old Horizontal as a joke or a positioning statement? And how do sales of Imperial Pilsner from Rogue Ales compare with its brews called Brutal Bitter, Dead Guy Ale and Yellow Snow? The Art Directors’ Club of Philadelphia presents the answers to these and other frothy branding questions in The Art of Beer, the next stop on our crusade for inspiration. Experts from the Flying Fish, Victory and Rogue Ales craft breweries will tell you what works in beer marketing, packaging and promoting. Better yet, they’ll offer you plenty of inspiration lubrication— free samples of their exquisite beers.

Get your creative juices flowing.  Come to The Art of Beer.