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Donna Andersen

My first job out of college was editor of Atlantic City Magazine. It was 1978 and the first casino had just opened in Atlantic City. The resort had a gold-rush atmosphere, and I was in the thick of it. Lots of excitement!

After four years at the magazine, I started my own business — Donna Andersen Copywriting — in 1982. My biggest accounts were casino employee and customer newsletters. I also had the opportunity to write B2B brochures for AT&T, and picked up a wide range of other assignments as well.

Life went sideways in 1996 when I met and married a man who turned out to be a con artist. Because of my experience, I founded Lovefraud.com, which teaches people to recognize and recover from everyday sociopaths. I’ve written three books on the topic, and more are coming. My work has reached millions of people around the world, and many have thanked me for saving their lives. I have recovered and remarried, and now I’m grateful for the opportunity to help others.

Still, I continue with my commercial work. After learning so much about exploitative personality disorders and the psychological and physical suffering of victims, I have become interested in medical writing. I collaborated with colleagues, serving as the editor, on my first manuscript accepted by a peer-reviewed scientific journal. I’ve also presented four research posters to the Society for the Scientific Study of Psychopaths. To see the posters, visit ResearchGate.com.

Since 2004 I’ve also worked on developing e-learning content for employee compliance training. I’ve written training programs, including short video scripts, on healthcare compliance, data protection, ethics and values, government contracting, sexual harassment, anti-money laundering and more. Clients have included global consumer products companies, pharmaceutical companies, financial services companies and manufacturers, to name just a few.

I’ve also gotten back to my first love, which is journalism, with articles for The Daily Mail and other online publications.

With more than 40 years of writing experience, I am familiar with a wide range of issues and industries. I’m reliable, professional and fast. Contact me to discuss your project.

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