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Caesars Minority Businesses Brochure

Brochure highlighting Caesars commitment to purchase products and services from minority vendors.

Sample copy:

Caesars is committed to providing sales opportunities for minority-owned businesses

Caesars Atlantic City spends approximately $65 million a year on supplies and services. We are determined to spend a significant share of that money with minority-owned firms like yours.

Our 15 operating departments buy thousands of products, from pens to automobiles, flowers to computers. Every department participates in our efforts to purchase from minority-owned businesses — that’s the policy of Caesars Atlantic City. So if you sell what we need, you’ll find opportunity at Caesars.

Caesars President and Chief Operating Officer, Peter G. Boynton, and other senior officers and managers, monitor our progress in building strong relationships with minority suppliers. They are members of Caesars Set-Aside Committee, which develops strategies for seeking out minority vendors — Black, Hispanic, Asian and American Indian — and tracks the results. These people are in a position to take action on your behalf.

Caesars is looking for vendors who offer us top-quality products, attentive service and competitive pricing. If you have what it takes to become a Caesars vendor, we’ll help your get started.