Exhibit Materials

Exhibit Materials

Titanic Experience Exhibit Posters

Create a series of 30 posters for an exhibition highlighting personal stories and details from the Titanic tragedy.

Sample copy:

Life and Death on the Titanic — Searching for Baby Trevor, the Allisons are lost

Loraine Allison was the only child in First Class to be lost. Hearing the commotion after the iceberg struck Titanic, her father, Hudson Allison, an investment broker from Montreal, left the cabin to investigate. While he was away, stewards knocked on the cabin door and told the family to put on lifebelts. Mrs. Allison became hysterical, so the family’s nanny, Alice Cleaver, picked up baby Trevor and left for the lifeboats. Not knowing this, the Allisons stayed onboard, searching for the little boy, and were lost. On Carpathia, Alice Cleaver attempted to claim Trevor as her own, and refused to let friends of the Allisons see him. It was not until the ship arrived in New York, where Hudson Allison’s brother was waiting, that Cleaver reluctantly relinquished custody of the baby.