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E-learning development for SAI Global

SAI Global Compliance and Ethics Solutions

Multimedia scriptwriting for web-based compliance training programs. Scripts include dialog for short video scenes, audio narration, on-screen text bullets and interactive exercises. I’ve written more than 70 scripts, some for the SAI Global library and others for the company’s Fortune 500 clients.

Sample copy:

Ethical Decision-Making

On any given day, you could come to work and find yourself facing a difficult decision. Maybe the situation isn’t quite covered by company policies. Maybe you face two contradictory choices — both of them equally valid.

You want to do the right thing — but what is it?

In cases like these, “doing the right thing” means making a decision based on your sense of ethics. But ethics is complex, and in the pressure of the moment, you may feel yourself pulled in different directions.

It will help you to understand that there are different ethical values and models that you can draw on to make your decision. That’s what this training is about.

You will learn ethical decision-making — how to analyze difficult situations and make the tough decision.

When you complete this training, you’ll be able to identify whether the situation you face is right vs. wrong, or the much more difficult right vs. right.

You’ll learn the four basic paradigms of right vs. right ethical dilemmas.

You’ll learn three principles for resolution to help you make your final decision.

Your decisions will still be difficult. But this training will give you the tools to clarify your thinking, make your choice, and be able to explain your decision.