Direct Mail

Direct Mail
Direct Mail

Our Lady Star of the Sea Church

Letters from the pastor about the work of the parish during the church’s centennial celebration.

Sample copy:

Dear Friend in Christ,

When I was growing up in County Longford, Ireland, it was easy to be a Catholic. Everyone in the village — all 500 of us — dutifully went to Mass on Sunday. It didn’t matter that the Mass was in Latin, and we had no idea what the priest was saying. And it didn’t matter if our pastor’s sermon had nothing to do with our lives.

We were Catholic. We did what we were supposed to do.

Of course, there wasn’t much else to do. Most of the people in County Longford lived on small farms. Cows grazed on the rolling green hills and our income came from selling milk to the local creamery.

Today, practicing our faith isn’t always easy. I know the problems of living in the real world — I see them every day. And I want you to know that the Church of Our Lady Star of the Sea supports you as you face them.

Every day, we worry

You worry about money. Many of us live on fixed incomes. And many of us work long hours — not a healthy lifestyle. But we need the money and benefits, and in today’s economy, if we have a job, we keep it.

You worry about your children. They’re growing up much faster than we grew up. It would be nice if we only had to teach them to make decisions like good, Christian citizens. But with drugs, violence and AIDS, we must teach them to make decisions that will save their lives.

You worry about your neighborhood. Crime is an issue no matter where you live. But even sadder is the epidemic of isolation. How many of us know the people who live on our street? How many of us are comfortable asking a neighbor for help?

How can we make our lives work?

It’s easy to feel lost at times. You probably know someone who is overwhelmed by the problems of life, drifting along with no

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