B2B Brochure

Donna Andersen Copywriting B2B Brochure
B2B Brochure

Philadelphia Daily News

Concept and copywriting for media kit folder, brochure and four inserts. Assignment from Wilcha Design, Philadephia.

Sample copy:

Want action?
Action for the people means action for you

The Philadelphia Daily Newsowns Philadelphia.

We cover the town like a muggy heat wave during a power failure, penetrating every corner, forcing everyone to open their windows. We report on the action and inaction of city officials. Trends on the social and entertainment scenes. The local impact of national events. Then we find out who let the air conditioning die.

We are a news organization with a passion for Philadelphia. We are on an unending crusade to improve the quality of life for everyone who lives, works, plays and visits here.

“So,” sez you, Mr. or Ms. Potential Advertiser, “what’s in it for me?”

The answer: Readers who care about the Philadelphia Daily News. Readers who shell out 60 cents every day — one of the highest daily newspaper prices in the country — to find out what we have to say. Readers who are primed for your advertising message.