B2B Technology

B2B Technology

AT&T Customer Direct Brochure

Folder with six inserts for AT&T’s Customer Direct platform, a series of on-line network management applications.

Sample copy:

Now, You Only Need a PC — And AT&T Customer Direct — To Manage Your Network

Do you need to know how many calls are being blocked on one of your trunks? Would you like a quick inventory of all the network features assigned to a branch office? Do you want to know if dedicated access is cost-effective for a particular subsidiary? All of this information — and much more — is at your fingertips with the new AT&T Customer Direct.

AT&T Customer Direct is a Microsoft® Windows-based suite of applications which enables you to manage your telecommunications network from your PC or notebook computer. This gives you the flexibility to work while you’re on the run.

AT&T Customer Direct is designed for your AT&T Software Defined Network (SDN), Virtual Telecommunications Network Service (VTNS), AT&T OneNet® Service or WorldSource Service. This powerful suite of applications gives you a clear picture of your entire network, and enables you to make sound decisions to optimize your resources.